Exhibitions & Clinics

Carl Wolter can bring an outstanding demonstration of power, skill, and fun entertainment to your exhibition or golf clinic. Through his vast history of competing at the highest level in a variety of sports, Carl is able to give a unique and exhilarating power demonstration that will have the audience in awe. Not only will they get to see the two time World Long Drive Champion hit the ball a tremendous distance, but they will also learn and begin to understand how to incorporate more power into their golf swing through demonstration. From his experience of training at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, and also coaching and teaching for more than a decade, Carl is able to break down the golf swing in an easy and understandable way that golfers can directly input his ideas and techniques into their golf swing that day.

The fun and excitement will just continue throughout the program. Carl will crush golf balls through plywood, through watermelons, and exhilarate your crowd with the many spectacular trick shots. The unique experience of having the two-time ReMax World Long Drive Champion at your tournament will create a positive atmosphere to raise more money and also bring back your supporters for the next year looking forward to a fantastic time on the golf course!

Interested in booking Carl for your outing or exhibition?  Contact him here.